Scenery of zhejiang

Speaking of Zhejiang province, people always give the words like rich, talent, old town, rivers and lakes, picturesque.In 34 regions of China, it is hard to find another place which has so many positive judgement.It is rich and prosperous, but not crowded as Beijing and shanghai.

It is much developed, but not polluted.An ideal place for travel, business and living.

The headquarter of Alibaba is located in Zhejiang province.Economy of Zhejiang province

Number of listed companies: 2nd in China after Guangdong province

On average: 1 out of every 9 people in Zhejiang is a boss
1 out of every 26 people in Zhejiang owns a company







How beautiful the scenery is in Jiangnan, the scenery has long been familiar. When spring comes, the sun rises from the river, and the flowers on the riverside are brighter than the fire, and the green river water is greener than the blue grass. How can we make people miss Jiangnan?

Jiangnan's memories most evoke memories: Hangzhou: Visiting Tianzhu Temple to find the Mid-Autumn Festival Guizi, boarding the Junting, lying on it, and admiring the Qiantang River tide. When can I play again?