About Mykindle

Zhejiang Mykindle Education is located in Hangzhou, China. Currently, its subordinate or cooperative education institutions contain Mykindle School and Kean International Education, and focus on the training of university students, middle school student and pupils, the preschool and K12 school running, consulting on the study abroad, online English education and promotion and development of famous brand (American Kean International Education). Currently, the company establishes the branches in Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing, etc. and serves 36,000 students every year. It was predicted that 0.1 million students can be served in 2018.

Our programme includes examination training, domestic research travel, international study tour foreign teacher agent and consulting on the study abroad in Zhejiang.

Help foreign teachers work in China and learn Chinese culture.

Help Chinese students get better education and learn the world.

Hangzhou Campus

The institution sets up the rich and colorful subject training which focuses on the Chinese, Mathematics, foreign language, science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology of the Middle School and the Mathematical Olympiad and English of the Elementary School. The institution also sets up the creative workshop and develops the fine art creativity and the scientific practice activity by utilizing various textures, including the characteristics courses such as the painting, sketch, calligraphy, ceramic art, 3D printing, etc.
The surrounding environment of the college is beautiful, the classroom is bright and spacious, the facilities are complete, and there are supporting places for cultural and sports activities, which are suitable for various cultural and sports activities.

Zhuji Campus

Zhuji Mykindle Quality Training Institution (Mykindle School) is a branch of Zhejiang Mykindle Education, a top elite educational institution in the province. It is an important window for Mykindle Education in Zhuji City. It is located at No. 1, Changnongtang, Greentown, Zhuji City. The school has high grades and elegant learning environments. The goal is to train personalized, international, innovative talents, and strive to train students into high-quality, composite talents that are "excellent in arts and sciences, foreign language expertise, and international standards." The school has hired famous, excellent and special teachers from the province to teach. It has continuously attracted many students to the school to improve the performance of various disciplines. The word of mouth of the students has spread, and parents have praised them.

It is believed that through the training of Mykindle School, new vitality and increment will be achieved for the majority of primary and middle school students in Zhuji City.

Xiaoshan Campus

The School has its own teaching area of more than 3,000 square meters. Xiaoshan Mykindle Public School has all kinds of teaching facilities and excellent quality. It will carry out training in cultural subjects, music, art and dance in primary and secondary schools. It is now scheduled to open on May 8th. At that time, it will provide a good teaching service of the province for Xiaoshan primary and secondary school students to improve their subject quality and examination ability in all aspects. Welcome to choose the excellent courses independently to achieve the double harvest of students' quality improvement and score progress.

Wenzhou Kean International

UCK International Education is a dedicated overseas study service organization jointly authorized by Kean University of the United States and Wenzhou Kane University, which has a separate legal personality. This institution provides the service of studying abroad on campus, with the examination and training of studying abroad as the main content, such as plan for studying in the United States, Britain, Australia and other famous international schools, good international projects, overseas background improvement, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, etc. Mykindle international is committed to helping Mykindle students improve their global competitiveness providing Mykindle students with an all-in-one international education service system from overseas study planning, background upgrading to overseas examination and training,so that Mykindle

Students can enjoy a good one-stop international education service in Mykindle campus, due to the all aspects of international education service system. Mykindle international education core experts team is composed of visiting scholars and teaching teachers from Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Finance and economics, Zhejiang Business University, Zhejiang College of foreign languages.